Thursday, 8 March 2012

My Future

Sadly I have arrived to my last blog post for this blog. So before I take a look into the future and what it will bring, I will take a look into the past. From the start of this blog many things in my life have changed and I have learnt more about myself than I ever knew. I have overcome challenges that I never thought I would never even close come to finish and have been recognised by one of my hero's.

To start of I have completed one set of exams for the year during this time, which is by the far the smallest accomplishment so far. As well, at the beginning of this blog I applied to be part of the Provincial Guiding Council of Newfoundland and Labrador. I have also learnt that 8 activities a week is too much for a girl at my age. I have learnt that the hardest thing in the world is writing a letter saying sorry, but understanding it must be done. I have completed a 40km cross-country race,something that I never thought I would be able to complete, especially during the race. I have learnt that cross-country skiing is my heart and soul, more than any other extra curricular activity on this earth. I have become closer to my friends in skiing than many of my school friends, even though none of them are my age. I have been recognised by one of my hero's, he said "Wow :) that's totally awesome lovely, thanks so much. You're the reason I make music :) thanks so much for the support" All of that is only the start of how my life has changed during these past weeks.

Now it is finally time to take a look into the future. Where will I go from here? I can tell you that even though I have some plans I really don't know. Most importantly I aim to change the mistakes from the past and live a fruitful (seriously full of fruits) and happy life. So first of I will delve a little bit into the near as in the rest of this year and how I aim to live up to my full potential. Then I will go onto my Grade 12 and what I hope to accomplish during that time. Finally I will delve into University life and all that this includes.

So what do I hope to accomplish by the end of this year? A LOT! I hope to finish the year with above a 90% and gain the position on the provincial council. But most importantly I aim to continue with my leadership development and volunteering. I hope to continue with all my involvement in Peace and Justice and Interact, while volunteering on my own. I hope to do excellent on the upcoming race in Gander and lead in my category to the finish. I can`t wait to see what these next few months will bring and hope that they will turn into only good things.

Looking at the Grade 12 most of my goals include getting into certain universities and receiving so much money in scholarships, but besides that I do have a few major goals to complete. The first one is complete both a 40km and a 45km race, one in NL and the other in Italy. Also I aim to become more involved with guiding by becoming a Junior Leader and helping out with a guide group in this province. Also I hope to make use of all the volunteer or leadership opportunities presented to me. 

Finally, a look into the University future and what it will entail. Basically it will be all work, volunteering, cross country skiing and the outdoors all the time. I hope to obtain a life were most of my down time is spent  outside enjoying all this world has to offer, while at the same time volunteering and making a difference in people`s lives. I hope to join any outdoor clubs, as well as clubs such as oxfam. 

This is just a small look into my future, but definitely one I like!

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Wonderful World of Twitter

A long while back I signed up to make a twitter account. At first I used it constantly for about three days. From then till now I haven't used it much at all. Recently I decided that I would go back on twitter and follow a few amazing people that I had heard about but would like to learn more about. By the end I had followed three new people. I would like to introduce you to Tom Law, James Sun, and Josh Sundquist.

Tom Law is a singer/songwriter from Bath, England who has produced and recorded his own EP called Dropping In. I first came across him when I was on YouTube one day. I thought I might listen to a new YouTuber different from all of the others one I already listen to (which are mostly vloggers) plus he was recommended by one of my favourite vloggers. The first song I listened to was his cover of Adele's Somebody Like You. I was shocked at how someone could sing a song with so much emotion and with such an incredible voice. From there I never turned back and have been listening to him since. If you would like to check him out on YouTube here is the link:

Now your probably wondering why on earth a singer with a great voice could be so inspirational and incredible, but it's quite simple really. For as long as I have been watching Tom Law I have noticed that in his singing he dares to do what other singers do not. I am in no way a singer, but I have learnt from him to take chances and go for it, whatever it is. One of the most incredible things that he did was to record his EP in one take. I think it takes a lot of guts to publish a song to the world without editing it at all. The other thing I think is incredible is he puts all of his emotions into each song then posts a video of them on YouTube. Through both of these inspirational attributes I have learnt to take chances whether it be in skiing (such as the marathon I'm doing this weekend), guiding (applying to be the Youth Member of the Provincial Council), etc

Now I would like to introduce you to James Sun. James is a 16 year old who is the CEO of a company called Digitized Tees, a TEDx speaker, the winner of the Global Underground Entrepreneurship challenge, as well as a Deloitte Inspiration Award Recipient. I first met him this past summer at a program called Shad Valley. Both of us attended Lakehead University for this program and quickly became friends. I only recently learnt that he had a twitter account. As much as I could tell you how inspirational and amazing this young man is there is only one way in which I can truly make you understand and that is to watch his TEDx speech. So here it is:

Finally, I would like to tell you about Josh Sundquist. He is the part of the reason why I am able to push myself so hard in skiing. Josh Sundquist is a motivational speaker, author, YouTuber and was a paraolympic downhill skier. He has overcome cancer and losing his leg at the age of nine. As with Tom Law it was YouTube that brought me to know about this man. Last year I first subscribed to his videos and and now watch them on a regular basis.

As mentioned above Josh Sundquist is part of the reason why I am able to push myself so hard in skiing. Upon starting to watch him I learnt about his motto for when he was a paraolympic athlete. It was"1mt1mt" or "one more thing, one more time". Whenever I do time trials, intervals, running, races, etc it is this motto that is running through my head, keeping me going till the end. As one of my favourite quotes states "If my mind can conceive it; and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve." It is his motto that keeps my mind conceiving it during skiing. If you want to check him out here is the link:

Each of these people are remarkable and extraordinary. I believe that each one of them deserves the success they have received and there continued success that I am sure will occur in the future. Please do check them out because they deserve all the support they can get!

Friday, 27 January 2012


As I mentioned in my first blog post I am involved in a lot of activities from skiing to guiding. They take up pretty much every day in the week excpet Friday. Friday is my one day to do my hobbies, work on school work harder than other days, go out with friends and whatever else needs to be done. So in case you don't remember below is the list of my activities.
  • Art Club
  • Debate Club
  • Guiding
  • Interact Club
  • Junior Achievement
  • Peace and Justice Club
  • Ski Team
  • Yearbook Club
Every Wednesday I head over to the local art gallery to participate in Art Club. I can't say I am particularly great at creating art, but I love to learn. As well, I have been raised to spend time in art galleries as it is a large part of our family. Due to this program I have been exhibited in the art gallery and earned a greater appreciation for an artists work. It is great to walk in each unsure of what exactly will happen and what will be created by the end of the session. It is both a rewarding and intersting pursuit.

Next up is debating club. This is something I started this year and have enjoyed quite a bit. It has definitely been quite the challange as it has caused me to come out of my shell and start public speaking without preparation. Last week was my second time ever debating and it went a whole lot better than the first. Hopefully as this progresses I will become better at debating.As well, debating may leed to even greater opportunities which would be quite exciting.

On every second Monday I join young woman from three different schools as we come together for Rnagers (a section of Guiding).Within this group we do all sort of different activities from volunteering to hanging out to learning how to knit. It is really a chance for each one of us to enjoy an hour and half without any boys or men in the area. I have been in guiding since I was kinderhgartden and thus have gotten quite involved within Guiding. Last year I joined the Ranger Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, after my friend suggested it, as the Eastern Coordinator. It has been quite the experience to meet these girls from across the the provincial and help in creating an experience for the Rangers of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Interact club is the next one. I started this last year and was voted in to be secretary this year. This is one the activities that I do during the week that involves a lot of volunteering. Nearly the whole year is spent raising awarness and money for different causes wether it be in the community, or around the globe. It is great to know that each week I am making a difference just by being involved in clubs such as this one.

Next is Junior Achievement, which I devote three hours a week doing. In Junior Achievement or JA we get together in groups and create a product. With this product, we aim to break-even and earn money. Many years that is not the case, but we try hard either way. This year I was voted in as president of my company. I enjoy learning how a business is run and why certain ventures are so important. Along with actually going to Junior Achievement each week, I have also had a couple of volunteer opportunities. Once I was on a panel discussing youth and employment. I also recieved the opportunity to announce the Business Hall of Fame inductees. This activities is not only fun and entertaining, but challenging and rewarding, just a few of the things that go into enjoy an activity to its upmost.

Another activity very close to me is the Peace and Justice club at my school. It is much the same as the interact club except that there is a very different group of people. This is my second year on Peace and Justice, and I decided to join it as it looked like a great chance to help those around the world. It has been exactly that! Each week I help my club achieve stupendous goals that reach around the world and back. As part of the executive this year I have had the opportunity to gain an in depth knowledge of what goes into running a club. It is one of my favorite activities of all of them.

My VERY favorite activity would be skiing. I have skied for many years now, 4 of which on the team. Each week I look forward to my ski training and seeing the ski team. It is a community unlike any I have seen before. I started skiing when I was quite small and living in Norway. Unfortunately there was a three and a half year break inbetween where I didn't ski thus I have had to relearn how. Everything about skiing appeals to me, the people, the activity itself, the fact that you don't get sweaty like running, everything!

The final activity that I do in my jam packed week is Yearbook club. This is my first year in Yearbook, and so far I am quite enjoying it. I has given me a chance to learn how to design pages and create a yearbook. I started this activity due to the fact that I was interested in the design process and how it all worked. It is definitely something I will keep doing as it is quite intersting.

Above are all my activities. Now these have deratically changed over the years. A few of the activities I used to do, but don't anymore are ballet, piano and cheerleading. These are the ones I have kept up as they are the one I have found most interesting. Who knows next year it might be completely different.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Natalie Warne

This is one of the MOST inspirational talks I have ever seen in my life. A few months ago I was shown this in my Peace and Justice Club. I was blown away by the power that this young lady could portray through her voice. What she was talking about in this video, being young and making an impact hit home for me. So many times I have seen my friends or others turn down a prospect due to the fact that someone had said it was too high a goal to reach or something of that nature, but that is not true. Look at so many kids in this world, they are doing incredible things. So often adults say "well you have so many more oppurtunities than us." Do you know they reason for that? IT's because we created these opportunities. Each day, each move we make we are creating opportunities for ourselves and for others around us. So don't ever believe that just because you are young you can't make a difference. We are making a difference ever step we take.

All About Me

Welcome new comers to my blog called Leadership101. My name is Holly and this is the third blog in which I write. My most in depth one is at It talks all about my goals and achieving them throughout my lifetime. So who am I? I am a high school student heavily involved in activities both within my school and outside of school. I am on a ski team, I do art club, debate club, Yearbook club, Junior Achievement (in which I am president), Peace and Justice club (in which I am part of the executive), Interact club (in which I am the secretary), and Guiding provincially and within my town. Along with all that I aim for high marks and good grades as well do some hobbies some of which include hiking, kayaking and sewing. In the future I aim to be an archaeologist travelling the world to help out with digs. And if all that isn't enough I LOVE VOLUNTEERING!!!

I can't really remember how it started, but for as long as I have known I have loved to help others and have had fun doing it. It's just who I am. Throughout my city I do all sorts of volunteering, whether it's cleaning up around the park or just emptying the recycling bins at school. There is nothing like volunteering in my life. At this moment you are probably sitting at your desk wondering how on earth volunteering could mean so much to me. Well it's simple, I enjoy it more than anything else I do in my life and I feel as if my life would be incomplete without volunteering. As I said above, it's just who I am. Pretty much all of my volunteering in some way links back to my core group of activities. For example I teach Jackrabbits how to ski at the Avalon Nordic Ski Club, which links back to being on my ski team. Thankfully I will not be writing all my volunteering out as that would at least go on for a page, but you get the idea from skiing.

I am a loving, caring person who sometimes cares what other people think. I believe that hard work and determination are the keys to success. I admit I am an excellent procrastinator, but that is something I have been working on and hopefully will stop eventually. We have one life so we must live it to it's fullest is how I live my life. Finally, I will leave you with a quote that represent me to the utmost degree.

"You don't just give up. You don't just let things happen. You make a stand. You say no. You have the guts to do what's right when everyone else just runs away."

This is me!