Friday, 2 March 2012

The Wonderful World of Twitter

A long while back I signed up to make a twitter account. At first I used it constantly for about three days. From then till now I haven't used it much at all. Recently I decided that I would go back on twitter and follow a few amazing people that I had heard about but would like to learn more about. By the end I had followed three new people. I would like to introduce you to Tom Law, James Sun, and Josh Sundquist.

Tom Law is a singer/songwriter from Bath, England who has produced and recorded his own EP called Dropping In. I first came across him when I was on YouTube one day. I thought I might listen to a new YouTuber different from all of the others one I already listen to (which are mostly vloggers) plus he was recommended by one of my favourite vloggers. The first song I listened to was his cover of Adele's Somebody Like You. I was shocked at how someone could sing a song with so much emotion and with such an incredible voice. From there I never turned back and have been listening to him since. If you would like to check him out on YouTube here is the link:

Now your probably wondering why on earth a singer with a great voice could be so inspirational and incredible, but it's quite simple really. For as long as I have been watching Tom Law I have noticed that in his singing he dares to do what other singers do not. I am in no way a singer, but I have learnt from him to take chances and go for it, whatever it is. One of the most incredible things that he did was to record his EP in one take. I think it takes a lot of guts to publish a song to the world without editing it at all. The other thing I think is incredible is he puts all of his emotions into each song then posts a video of them on YouTube. Through both of these inspirational attributes I have learnt to take chances whether it be in skiing (such as the marathon I'm doing this weekend), guiding (applying to be the Youth Member of the Provincial Council), etc

Now I would like to introduce you to James Sun. James is a 16 year old who is the CEO of a company called Digitized Tees, a TEDx speaker, the winner of the Global Underground Entrepreneurship challenge, as well as a Deloitte Inspiration Award Recipient. I first met him this past summer at a program called Shad Valley. Both of us attended Lakehead University for this program and quickly became friends. I only recently learnt that he had a twitter account. As much as I could tell you how inspirational and amazing this young man is there is only one way in which I can truly make you understand and that is to watch his TEDx speech. So here it is:

Finally, I would like to tell you about Josh Sundquist. He is the part of the reason why I am able to push myself so hard in skiing. Josh Sundquist is a motivational speaker, author, YouTuber and was a paraolympic downhill skier. He has overcome cancer and losing his leg at the age of nine. As with Tom Law it was YouTube that brought me to know about this man. Last year I first subscribed to his videos and and now watch them on a regular basis.

As mentioned above Josh Sundquist is part of the reason why I am able to push myself so hard in skiing. Upon starting to watch him I learnt about his motto for when he was a paraolympic athlete. It was"1mt1mt" or "one more thing, one more time". Whenever I do time trials, intervals, running, races, etc it is this motto that is running through my head, keeping me going till the end. As one of my favourite quotes states "If my mind can conceive it; and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve." It is his motto that keeps my mind conceiving it during skiing. If you want to check him out here is the link:

Each of these people are remarkable and extraordinary. I believe that each one of them deserves the success they have received and there continued success that I am sure will occur in the future. Please do check them out because they deserve all the support they can get!

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