Thursday, 26 January 2012

Natalie Warne

This is one of the MOST inspirational talks I have ever seen in my life. A few months ago I was shown this in my Peace and Justice Club. I was blown away by the power that this young lady could portray through her voice. What she was talking about in this video, being young and making an impact hit home for me. So many times I have seen my friends or others turn down a prospect due to the fact that someone had said it was too high a goal to reach or something of that nature, but that is not true. Look at so many kids in this world, they are doing incredible things. So often adults say "well you have so many more oppurtunities than us." Do you know they reason for that? IT's because we created these opportunities. Each day, each move we make we are creating opportunities for ourselves and for others around us. So don't ever believe that just because you are young you can't make a difference. We are making a difference ever step we take.

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